"A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge." – Thomas Carlyle

This is an invocation that I wrote recently which invites 15 archangels into your life (read more about the 15 archangels here). This calls them to your side and asks them to bring blessings in to various different areas of your life. You can use this daily if you wish to. I find that it helps me to feel more loving and peaceful, as well as helping me to react more positively to certain situations and challenges. When you use this invocation feel free to change the words to suit you and your personal situation as I’ve written it in quite a general way. I’ve also included the crystals that  correspond with each angel which will help you to connect with their energy (it’s not compulsory though, so don’t worry!)


Archangel Michael, thank you for bringing infallible, divine protection to me and my loved ones and releasing us from all forms of fear. I ask you to please help me find my purpose in this life in this life and to guide and support me through every step of the way. Thank you, beloved Michael. (Sugilite – rare and quite expensive)

Archangel Raphael, thank you for healing me and those that I love on every possible level, including physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Please also assist me on my travels, assuring that I am safe and that everything runs smoothly and accordingly. Thank you, beloved Raphael. (Malachite or Emerald - quite common and inexpensive)

Archangel Uriel, thank you for giving me mental clarity and sending me the information that I require through my thoughts. I ask you to open up my mind and allow divine knowledge to flow through me with ease. Thank you, beloved Uriel. (Amber – not too uncommon but can be pricey)

Archangel Gabriel, thank you for helping me to communicate effectively and allow all words to flow from me with beauty, ease and clarity. I ask that you please also bless all of the children in my life, as well as helping me to nurture my own inner child. Thank you, beloved Gabriel. (Citrine – common and inexpensive)

Archangel Jeremiel, thank you for helping me to take inventory of my life and for showing me which areas need attention and healing. Please guide me to let go of anything that does not serve me, yet allow me to appreciate how it has strengthened me and helped me to learn and grown. Thank you, beloved Jeremiel. (Amethyst - common and inexpensive)

Archangel Chamuel, thank you for ushering peace, love and harmony in to my life and melting away any stress and tension I may have. Please light the path in front of me so that I don’t become lost and lead me to the right people, situations and opportunities. Thank you, beloved Chamuel. (Green Fluorite – common and inexpensive)

Archangel Metatron, thank you for raising my levels of motivation and commitment to projects involved with my divine purpose. Please help me to organise my schedule to suit my priorities and to balance my work and leisure time appropriately. Thank you, beloved Metatron. (Watermelon Tourmaline – rare and expensive)

Archangel Zadkiel, thank you for filling my heart with mercy, compassion and forgiveness towards myself and others, so that I may release negativity from all areas of my life. I ask you also to boost my memory and aid me in remembering important facts and information. Thank you, beloved Zadkiel. (Lapis Lazuli – fairly common and inexpensive)

Archangel Jophiel, I thank you for bringing beauty in to every part of my life, including my thoughts, actions and relationships. Please open my eyes to the beauty that is already around me so that I may feel more joy and contentment, as well as inspiring creativity within me and assisting me with my artistic projects and ventures. Thank you, beloved Jophiel. (Rubellite - rare and expensive)

Archangel Raziel, thank you for opening up my psychic channels to see, hear and feel divine love and guidance. I ask that you please help me to better understand the deep spiritual concepts and principles of the universe and esoteric wisdom, in order to expand my mind and aid my spiritual growth. Thank you, beloved Raziel. (Clear Quartz – common and inexpensive)

Archangel Azrael, thank you for supporting me through all of the endings and new beginnings that I experience in life and for comforting me when need be. I ask you to please ensure that any transitions I go through be smooth and painless. Thank you, beloved Azrael. (Yellow Calcite – quite common and inexpensive)

Archangel Raguel, thank you for watching over my relationships with my family, friends, lover/partner and co-workers and for transmuting any negative emotions between myself and others into something more positive. Please also strengthen the relationship between me, my angels and spiritual guides. Thank you, beloved Raguel. (Aquamarine – common and inexpensive)

Archangel Haniel, thank you for showing me how to live, speak and act graciously. I ask that you please help me to understand and utilise the wonderous potential of the moon for healing and manifesting, as well as encouraging me to trust my natural abilities of clairvoyance and intuition. Thank you, beloved Haniel. (Moonstone - common and inexpensive)

Archangel Ariel, thank you for giving me the confidence and faith to manifest miracles and blessings into my life in order to make my dreams a reality. Please also watch over the beloved animals in my life, ensuring they are safe and healthy, and guide me to make environmentally responsible choices and actions. Thank you, beloved Ariel. (Rose Quartz – common and inexpensive)

Archangel Sandalphon, thank you for filling my life with wonderful music which comforts, inspires and fills me with joy. I ask that you please deliver all of prayers to God the Creator without delay and return to me with crystal-clear guidance and answers. Thank you, beloved Sandalphon. (Turquoise - common and inexpensive)

Thank you archangels for bringing these blessings into my life and for also incorporating your wonderful qualities into my own aura, so that I may become more angelic. I am very grateful for your love and assistance. Amen.


I hope you enjoy using this invocation as much as I do and that it brings many wonderful blessings into your life! As I’ve said, this is just an example and is very general so chop and change it as you please. You can even add more archangels to the mix if you know any more of them!

Have a great day!

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